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‘Landscaping’ means so much more nowadays. Dealing with living elements – such as plants, trees and shrubs – is the easy part. The challenge is to do something creative with your outdoor space, so you can relax in a quiet sanctuary, entertain your friends and family in style, give your children the freedom to play, and create a long-term legacy as part of your home.



Adelaide Landscape Design & Construction

Your dream outdoor area may include many things: a pool, spa, deck, outdoor kitchen, fire pit, water features, lighting, golfing putting green, or simply a shaded hammock to enjoy an afternoon snooze. We will custom design and construct everything you need to suit your space and your lifestyle.


With Outscape Constructions, you have a partner you can work with throughout the creation of your outdoor area, from landscape design and consultation right through to construction, planting and even ongoing maintenance. We take care of every detail along the way.


We are used to working with a blank canvas. In fact, that’s how we like it. Clients often come to us when they’ve just got building approvals for their new home and are wondering what to do with their outdoor space. Having completed hundreds of landscaping jobs for clients in all areas of Adelaide, we can quickly and creatively turn a blank canvas into a work of art. We’ll make the best use of the area you have available, the shade and spaces you want to create, and the activities you want to enjoy.


Landscape Design

You wouldn’t build a house without a design or detailed drawings, nor should you design your outdoor area without a plan.


So, the first thing we’ll do for you is create a Concept Plan, turning your vision into a beautiful, conceptual 2D or 3D design. These allow you to:


  • Visualise how things are going to look before work begins
  • Plan your budget with a more accurate quote
  • Save money by reducing changes along the way


Preparation is everything in landscape design and construction. So we won’t start work until everyone is fully prepared for the journey ahead.


We recommend you get in touch with us as soon as you have building approval for your new home. Call 0452 302 223 to turn your landscape design dreams into a reality.




Outscape Constructions takes care of everything, including landscape design, planting and irrigation and all the outdoor components that need constructing and installing along the way. When construction work needs Council approval, we take care of all the paperwork for you and our work is covered by the appropriate building indemnity insurance.



We are experts in driveways, pathways, kerbs, foundations, plinths and walls.


We work with solid concrete, concrete sealing, polished concrete, exposed concrete aggregate, precast concrete and coloured concrete.


We can also assist in the removal of any unwanted concrete materials.


Fencing and Fabrication

Fences make up a large part of any residential landscape.


Aside from the functional aspects of fences (security, privacy, safety), they are used to frame your garden, provide or highlight a design feature, or act as the focal point of your frontage. We design and work with all manner of fencing materials and can help you cleverly use fencing to enhance your outdoor areas.





Paving can make your landscape look either mediocre or magnificent.


There are hundreds of paving options available, so we’ll use our design skills and years of experience to help you select the optimum pavers to transform your outdoor area. We always ‘wet lay’ pavers, where we place the pavers onto a reinforced concrete base. This means your pavers have a high finish, are perfectly level, and will have little or no movement and no weeds.

 Lightweight Walling

Pool Surrounds and Coping

A pool is one of the most expensive outdoor assets you can buy, but the setting around the pool can make or break this investment.

Pool surrounds have to be fit for the purpose, withstand salt, chemicals and the elements, they need to allow for movement, and they need to be easy to maintain. But to truly get the value for your investment, your pool surrounds need to have the right look and finish. We will ensure you have the right materials and high-quality finish for the ultimate in function and sophistication.


Retaining Walls

If you want to create a flat space for a swimming pool, outdoor dining area, children’s play area or car parking, retaining walls are very effective, and necessary if you have a sloping site.

They can also be used to create garden beds, paths and feature entrances.


We use traditional and modern materials and building methods to fit perfectly with your surroundings.




Lightweight Walling

For a clean, modern look, lightweight walling is a perfect alternative to traditional masonry walling, used for front pillar fencing, privacy screens or general area surrounds.


Made from reinforced composite panels, they are light, durable and don’t generally require footings. Our plasterers ensure top quality finishes so you really can create works of art in your outdoor areas.


Gardens and Turf

From initial design and planning to follow-up advice and ongoing maintenance, we create beautiful, sustainable gardens and lawns tailored to your needs. Our qualified horticulturists assist with design, placement and overall soil improvements.


With two qualified turf specialists on hand, our experts consider all aspects of installation and care, including soil type, drainage, location and light needs for each variety to give you the best lawn on your street.


Having installed hundreds of irrigation systems, we know the optimum solutions to keep your garden and turf healthy and sustainable, whilst saving you time and money. Our tailor-made irrigation systems are planned out well, right at the start, and include drip irrigation systems and sub-surface irrigation systems of pop-up sprinklers.


Finishing Touches

There are plenty of finishing touches we’re able to help with too, such as lighting, sound systems, water features, timber decking, sourcing or making ornaments – whatever it takes to create your perfect outdoor area.


Call 0452 302 223 to discuss your landscaping design and construction requirements.



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